About Us

Welcome to zoovi outfits. We offer bespoke online stitching services for Men and Women. Get ready to get your dresses designed and tailored by our special team of expert designers delivered to your doorstep! Our online tailoring service allows you to relax in your couches while our competent designers visit you for design consultation as well as to note your specifications and measurements to give you the kind of dress you want right at your doorstep!!

Zoovi Outfits is Rajasthan first of its kind of online service, where all your tailoring needs are fulfilled under one roof. Ardent follower of Givenchy’s statement that a dress must follow the body and not the other way round. Zoovi outfits stands for strong personal style. Creative owners at Zoovi Outfits believe in deciphering the myth that individualized patterns can be time-consuming and expensive.

Working with the best tailors available for stitching online, we at Zoovi Outfits aim to allow men and women to wear their dream dresses with our top level online stitching services. Being the best online Tailor, we take full responsibility of providing premium online tailoring services in jaipur to our valued customers and work with industry’s renowned designers having years of experience.

Our diverse range of fabrics, weeding dresses, designer cloth, and online tailoring service makes us a number-1 choice for all men and women. Young girls or ladies, anyone can get their custom dress ready with our exquisite services of stitching online just in time!

Book an appointment with our exclusive Tailors online now and get the most amazing online tailor experience like never before!